Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kavu my new Family

Yo dear friends and people, the season go so good here, the water level is go down fast but still good...

We ready "run the shit" whit 4 very cool group and we are very happy to have more and more new friends this year....Thanks guys for everythinks and for trust on us....

Well, this is simple fast report about my new Kayaking Faminy Team KAVU, I feel so happy and confortable whit this new Team, is perfect....

So go to http://kavu.typepad.com/ and follow some good news from Seth and Kavu Team adventure....

Remember to follow the Garcias Brothers Blogs http://egcreekin.blogspot.com/ ....crazy garcias BROS,,,......My Super Bro LJ is working hard and hard(like all the time))))))

Well, we go continue work and run the shit here in this awesome kayaking town....

See you guys on the water....or maybe on a BIG WATER FALL......%&&%$$%·"$&/&//....

Special thanks to: Mary,Scott,Brian,Tom,Chris,Peter,Anna and Rick for run the shit whit us...

Peace. Team KayakPucon.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fast Link JacksonKayak and more.

the time go to fast here in Pucon, we ready are at the end to film whit Tao Berman - http://www.taoberman.com/ and the incredible crew of http://www.winkincproductions.com/ Phillip and Brian two very cool friends, they film us for two week.

Thanks to: Lj-Chris and Tood for paddle hard whit me and enjoy the best Rivers and the top Water falls here in my home town.

I so happy to have my kayaking dude Lj ready to work again whit us and enjoy another awesome summer...

More info and cool photos in http://www.jacksonkayak.com/articles07/article.cfm?article=200711173 the incredible Jackson Kayak Family.

Remember to visit also the super cool report of kayakPucon Team member Lj Groth in Team Wave Sport http://www.doubleyouess.com/currentNews.php?news_id=300 and his Super BlogSpot http://watergrande.blogspot.com/ .

ShredReady Team Blog http://www.shredready.com/team/teamblog.htm our friends and family Helmet.(best helmet in the world). http://www.shredready.com/

And Mr. ToodFather from Team Pyranha http://www.teampyranha.com/

Well, have fun Out there and remember paddle hard.
Awesome thanks to Ema (kayakpucon Team) for the incredible photos in all this tour.

Kayakpucon Outdoor Center.


Friday, November 02, 2007

Park-and-Hucks Fun in Pucon

Iam so happy to see again my kayaking dude Chris Korbulic here in Chile, the same day that he arrived, we fire up some of the most awesome water falls here in the pucón area, the incredible Tres Saltos and the beautifull Coilaco drop.
I can say that the water level here in town is good, but just for some rivers, one of my favorite river dont have water (the Desahue) but the rest of the rivers are full of water.

I also want to say be carefull whit the Carhuello river beacuse we run the water falls section and is full of tree.

In the last four days we was scouting and looking for some new stuff on the Rio Blanco and in the Raigolil area, thats mountains are full of beautifull stuff like hot springs, vallies and people, pure chilean people, Thanks to Señora Ines from Termas del Rio Blanco for lets us stay in the Termas and camping there.

Look like another good season coming here in Pucon...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Rodrigo-Kober Paddle-Another Catalog

Rodrigo Tuschner
I feel so happy to represent Jackson Kayak and use the incredible Rocker design feel so good in deep rivers and good water falls, that make me feel safe and confortable at the same time.
This time also I want to take the opportunity to say thanks to my paddle sponsor "Kober Paddle" they included to me on the 2008 catalog whit this awesome picture on my last tour to the alps montains at the very north of Italy.
That day was a incredible level water and was one of that day when you can do all on the river. Enjoy this awesome picture on the kober paddle catalog, The Rocker look absolutely good on......
So, remember to visit http://www.kober-moll.com/ and enjoy the new Kober Paddle catalog,,"Is the Shit"....

Rodrigo Tuschner.


Monday, July 09, 2007

confidence and respect

For us, kayakpucon Outdoor center is all about Confidence and respect, whit clients, friends and sponsers.
In this blog spot edition we want to say thanks to all the people how trust and believe in this smoll but very prestigious kayak company.
When we start this magic dream and we make Kayakpucon Outdoor Center, we never think thought that this company can go so big and good...
We have the opportunity to know awesome people, incredible good kayakers and very friendly clients, of course all this is because is 1005 pure good kayaking feeling and no more...
We want to take this blog to enjoy whit you some incredible web site that you can visit and have fun whit the magic kayak world.
The magic Water and Oil project: http://www.oilandwaterproject.com/blog/index.php
Pat Camblin and the new kayak clothing "tribe" http://www.triberiders.ca/
AND MANY MORE...............................
And Of course Our kayak Gear sponsers:

Shred Ready helmet http://www.shredready.com/
and Rodrigo new sponsor, Teva www.teva.com/
Well, That is all just a simple blog report from kayakpucon to all our friends and kayakers dudes...
The season in Chile coming awesome, Pucón is full of snow and of course the rivers are full of water, waiting for crazy kayakers...
Also thanks for all the clients of Run The Shit for this year, the season start the first week on Nov. and we ready have 5 groups waiting for have incredible fun whit us.

See you on the water...

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thanks Snapdragon.

Thanks to Snapdragon to support our principal rider Rodrigo Tuschner.
Kayakpucon outdoor Center feels very proud to represent and collaborate whit this prestigious kayak gear company.

Incredible thanks to: Patrick Camblin from http://www.triberiders.ca/ , Rich from Snapdragon Company and Tao Berman.

Well; that is all and remember to visit http://www.snapdragondesign.com/ .
Thanks Snapdragon.

Rodrigo Say: Wooww, this is awesome, this is the sh&%"#/"!!, I dont know if is possible to say how happy I am now... thanks Snapdragon and I promise run the really shit whit this news Spray Skirts...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spot Commercial.

Hey there every body; after film a awesome commercial whit the famous kayak and river photographer Jock Bradley, Tao Berman and all the incredible boys of Twist films production we feel so good.
The spot publicity was on the middle canyon of the Llancahue River (on the second droop), Palguin River, Fuy river and the famous Tres Saltos water falls.
We film for seven days and all the location program was for two weeks.

Jock Bradley is the creator of the famous Kayak Book “Torrent” and reproduction for kayak session and Paddle Magazine, work whit hem was very progressive and helps me a lot.
About Tao Berman, well he is on the top; we make a good river and friend relationship and of course we make serious kayaking plans for the future.
Twist Film; very pro and serious film company and that make the job easier. (They know what sap).

Pucón is awesome, is incredible how easy you can find water falls Beautifulls Mountains, lakes, volcanos and good weather.
That makes this place, perfect for film commercial and stuff…

Well; that is all… have fun out there and see you on the water…

Kayakpucon Outdoor Center.
The local kayak Center in Pucón…

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Middle Palguin Run Number Four very Special.

I love this run, I love this water fall, this section is the shit, is very close to the town and is incredible soft on the bottom, something that I really love is the entry...

In this time when I be on the bottom I was so happy because I remember my very special friends Crhis and Ian for the 1D day...

Thanks to Tyler, Seth from the incredible project "Oil and Water"http://www.oilandwaterproject.org/ and Pat Camblin and Rush Sturges from be very pro YGP kayakers and tribe http://www.triberiders.ca/ for Run The Shit whit me that day and be part of the very small group how run this awesome section...

Well that is all from the very south of the world Pucón - Chile.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Rodrigo is Shred Ready Team Member

In just one year our principal rider Rodrigo Tuschner is team member of four different Teams.

Rodrigo says:
It's so cool to represent Shred Ready helmet, I feel so happy to be part of this awesome Team,

I think that the life is good with me.

I really want to say thanks to all my incredible kayakers friends my family and my girlfriend and of course to Kayakpucon for make my dreams coming true…

Thanks to Tom and Patrick from Shred Ready Helmet for believe in me and in my future kayak career…

Rodrigo Tuschner
Kayakpucon Outdoor Center.
Pucón - Chile

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Salto Nilahue

Wooow, Salto de Nilahue. A year and a half ago the waterfall was first run by some good friends of mine, LJ Groth and Trip Jennings, and can be seen in the movie Epicocity Project. Shortly after their run the drop collapsed and has been constantly changing over the past few months. Three days I was lucky and drove down there with a couple buddies Ian Garcia and Cris Korbulic to find a massive 65 foot sliding falls. The three of us all ran the huge falls for the first decent of the new waterfall.

Like always I felt very comforitable and safe paddling my mega rocker.

Another beautiful first decent in Chile.

Rodrigo Tuschner
Team Jackson Kayak.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

KAYAKPUCON in KayakSession

Wow... KayakPucon is in the new KayakSession Magazine with great article in the Local Spot.

We really excited to have this opportunity to be in this cool magazine...

Also we are really happy for our good friend Chris Korbulic who have a good photo of the Claro River in the Focus Seccion.

Enjoy the magazine and come visit us in Pucón...

KayakPucon Outdoor Center

Emanuela and Rodrigo

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Middle Palguin is back

During April of 2006 an unfortunate event happened to the famous Middle Palguin. There was a landside and
two of the biggest, cleanest and best drops in the area were destroyed, this year this section have a incredible new water fall.

I am so happy to say that pucon have a new water fall, the middle Palguin is came back.
For all the kayakers who know this section is a awesome new.

We be scouting this water fall for a long time and yesterday was the day.
I want to say thanks to my good friends Ian Garcia and Chris Korbulic for show me the good again
and be part of this beautiful day. I will remember this magic moment in the time for revive the middle Palguin.

When I was on the bottom of this incredible new water fall I remembered so many good friends…

I want to take this opportunity to recommend the Mega Rocker for run big water falls, is very easy to roll, comfortable, dry and
perfect feeling on the bottom of a big water fall, if you are thinking in go big, think in a MEGA ROCKER.

Well that is all from the south of the world Chile, remember to go Out and have fun kayaking…

Rodrigo Tuschner.
Team Jackson Kayak.
Pucón – Chile.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another good time whit Run the Shit...

Something awesome about be a kayaker is the incredible opportunity to know beautiful peoples and kayakers.
This is the group number 5 that KAYAKPUCON Outdoor Center has the opportunity to guide in just 5 days we run 5 different rivers around the incredible Pucón area…

The group was perfect and of course we want to say thank very much to Andy, Ken, Kent, Steve, Grant from USA and David, Dean, Robyn from Canada for RUN THE SHIT whit us and believe and trust in this amazing kayakpucon project…

Don’t forget the fun booty time in Chile…

Rasta Pronto…

Kayakpucon Outdoor Center

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rio Plata

Waiting for the good water level for 2 week, the plata river is one of the good here in the Pucon area.
The day was perfect, the canyon was very good interesting and the Team run whit not problem all the gorge, Good water falls, beautiful rapids and one portage.

Remember to visit:http://clasecinco.blogspot.com/ to see more photos on the Juanjo blogg and also the Crhis blogg on http://samedeepwater.blogspot.com/ Crhis is on Futa now...

Enjoy the photos of this incredible river...

PD: Dear Carman and EJ from Jackson Kayak, Thanks for the Mega Rocker is awesome be part of this incredible Kayak Team, JACKSON KAYAK FOREVER....

Rodrigo Tuschner
Team Jackson Kayak
Team Kober Paddle.