Monday, April 03, 2006


KAYAKPUCON Outdoor Center - Pucón Chile

"RUN THE SHIT" whit KayakPucon
Come to paddle whit us...

RUN THE SHIT is dedicated to the kayaking
fanatics who, like us, are addicted to the fun of the sport.

Are you ready for a paddle vacation?

"Run the Shit" is your best option for paddling in Chile. Of course, your best option for paddling is paddling with the locals.

For reservations, questions and information about our programs and our free promotional brochure, please contact us the following ways:



Telephone: (0056) 9 716 2347

Telephone: (0039) 328 907 6170

Emanuela Passi - Rodrigo Tuschner - LJ Groth

Medium Palguin is gone...

For all the kayakers who know Middle Palguin is a very sad day , THE MIDDLE PALGUIN IS GONE... The doudle waterfall and the big one dont existent more.

For all my friends ,Ian,Garcia,Chico,Jonh,LJ,Lane,Orion,DanielLVM,LVMFriends,Juanjo,Jeff,and many more friends, who run the middle whit me , I want to say ""thank for make my dreams coming truth"" VERY BAD NEW FOR THE ADDICTED WATERFALL KAYAKERS...
Rodrigo kayakPucon Rider