Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Salto Nilahue

Wooow, Salto de Nilahue. A year and a half ago the waterfall was first run by some good friends of mine, LJ Groth and Trip Jennings, and can be seen in the movie Epicocity Project. Shortly after their run the drop collapsed and has been constantly changing over the past few months. Three days I was lucky and drove down there with a couple buddies Ian Garcia and Cris Korbulic to find a massive 65 foot sliding falls. The three of us all ran the huge falls for the first decent of the new waterfall.

Like always I felt very comforitable and safe paddling my mega rocker.

Another beautiful first decent in Chile.

Rodrigo Tuschner
Team Jackson Kayak.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

KAYAKPUCON in KayakSession

Wow... KayakPucon is in the new KayakSession Magazine with great article in the Local Spot.

We really excited to have this opportunity to be in this cool magazine...

Also we are really happy for our good friend Chris Korbulic who have a good photo of the Claro River in the Focus Seccion.

Enjoy the magazine and come visit us in Pucón...

KayakPucon Outdoor Center

Emanuela and Rodrigo

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Middle Palguin is back

During April of 2006 an unfortunate event happened to the famous Middle Palguin. There was a landside and
two of the biggest, cleanest and best drops in the area were destroyed, this year this section have a incredible new water fall.

I am so happy to say that pucon have a new water fall, the middle Palguin is came back.
For all the kayakers who know this section is a awesome new.

We be scouting this water fall for a long time and yesterday was the day.
I want to say thanks to my good friends Ian Garcia and Chris Korbulic for show me the good again
and be part of this beautiful day. I will remember this magic moment in the time for revive the middle Palguin.

When I was on the bottom of this incredible new water fall I remembered so many good friends…

I want to take this opportunity to recommend the Mega Rocker for run big water falls, is very easy to roll, comfortable, dry and
perfect feeling on the bottom of a big water fall, if you are thinking in go big, think in a MEGA ROCKER.

Well that is all from the south of the world Chile, remember to go Out and have fun kayaking…

Rodrigo Tuschner.
Team Jackson Kayak.
Pucón – Chile.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another good time whit Run the Shit...

Something awesome about be a kayaker is the incredible opportunity to know beautiful peoples and kayakers.
This is the group number 5 that KAYAKPUCON Outdoor Center has the opportunity to guide in just 5 days we run 5 different rivers around the incredible Pucón area…

The group was perfect and of course we want to say thank very much to Andy, Ken, Kent, Steve, Grant from USA and David, Dean, Robyn from Canada for RUN THE SHIT whit us and believe and trust in this amazing kayakpucon project…

Don’t forget the fun booty time in Chile…

Rasta Pronto…

Kayakpucon Outdoor Center