Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Welcome back in home

Wow here we are again, back in home ready for another season,

kayaking good and run some new big drop again.

Pucon look good like all the time, the rivers are whit good water and look like the level go fast lower for this year.

I ready be in the famosus Desahue river and was Ok, was good to see the desahue again whit good level.

The awesome Helmet company make a new cataloge and I was so happy to see myself in the cover, so here is the new ShredReady cataloge cover, enjoy is the shit...

And of course the new Kover paddle cataloge for 2009, Kover paddle go very good and work awesome hard in an extreme drops...looking for more in

Well, see you in Pucon and thanks for all the "RUN THE SHIT " group for this year, remember that we are waiting for you kayakers...
See you on the biggers...