Friday, July 07, 2006

Rodrigo.Team Jacksonkayak.

Kayakpucon Outdoor Center feel very proud and happy.
Our pricipal rider "Rodrigo Tuschner" is member of the Jacksonkayak Team.
Now we can say that he is ready to go big in his Super Star on waves and the Rocker in the most biggers water fall in Argentina and Chile for this year.

All start like a dream, sometime I can not believe became true. I never thought I would make so many friends from whom I learnt so much of what I know now.

I start kayaking 10 years ago, in the incredible Pucòn town in the south of Chile, this little town have so many different rivers, creeks, Big Water, Good Water Falls and awesome volcano, lakes and mountains.

After kayaking 10 years in my home town in the summer time, and have had the opportunity to paddle whit so many good kayakers friends, this year I have the opportunity to make my first “Pucón White Water Guide Book” whit all the info about 16 different rivers in the Pucón area.

I want to say thanks to Carman and Eric “Jackson Kayak” to help and support a news kayakers like me and mainly to make reality the dreams of many kayakers when creating the new design to continue make the kayak sport a incredible “Life Style”

One of my principal objective for this year is rum one of the bigger Water Falls in my home town, the Palguin Water Fall, 28 Mts. Of course my Rocker came whit me.