Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spot Commercial.

Hey there every body; after film a awesome commercial whit the famous kayak and river photographer Jock Bradley, Tao Berman and all the incredible boys of Twist films production we feel so good.
The spot publicity was on the middle canyon of the Llancahue River (on the second droop), Palguin River, Fuy river and the famous Tres Saltos water falls.
We film for seven days and all the location program was for two weeks.

Jock Bradley is the creator of the famous Kayak Book “Torrent” and reproduction for kayak session and Paddle Magazine, work whit hem was very progressive and helps me a lot.
About Tao Berman, well he is on the top; we make a good river and friend relationship and of course we make serious kayaking plans for the future.
Twist Film; very pro and serious film company and that make the job easier. (They know what sap).

Pucón is awesome, is incredible how easy you can find water falls Beautifulls Mountains, lakes, volcanos and good weather.
That makes this place, perfect for film commercial and stuff…

Well; that is all… have fun out there and see you on the water…

Kayakpucon Outdoor Center.
The local kayak Center in Pucón…

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