Friday, May 25, 2007

Thanks Snapdragon.

Thanks to Snapdragon to support our principal rider Rodrigo Tuschner.
Kayakpucon outdoor Center feels very proud to represent and collaborate whit this prestigious kayak gear company.

Incredible thanks to: Patrick Camblin from , Rich from Snapdragon Company and Tao Berman.

Well; that is all and remember to visit .
Thanks Snapdragon.

Rodrigo Say: Wooww, this is awesome, this is the sh&%"#/"!!, I dont know if is possible to say how happy I am now... thanks Snapdragon and I promise run the really shit whit this news Spray Skirts...

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juanjo ortiz said...

Hola compadre como va todo?
Nosotros por EspaƱa remando toda la mierda que podemos,espero que estes bien y haber si te animas con Ema a venir a remar un poco con nosotros.un fuerte abrazo para los dos.