Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fast Link JacksonKayak and more.

the time go to fast here in Pucon, we ready are at the end to film whit Tao Berman - and the incredible crew of Phillip and Brian two very cool friends, they film us for two week.

Thanks to: Lj-Chris and Tood for paddle hard whit me and enjoy the best Rivers and the top Water falls here in my home town.

I so happy to have my kayaking dude Lj ready to work again whit us and enjoy another awesome summer...

More info and cool photos in the incredible Jackson Kayak Family.

Remember to visit also the super cool report of kayakPucon Team member Lj Groth in Team Wave Sport and his Super BlogSpot .

ShredReady Team Blog our friends and family Helmet.(best helmet in the world).

And Mr. ToodFather from Team Pyranha

Well, have fun Out there and remember paddle hard.
Awesome thanks to Ema (kayakpucon Team) for the incredible photos in all this tour.

Kayakpucon Outdoor Center.


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