Friday, November 02, 2007

Park-and-Hucks Fun in Pucon

Iam so happy to see again my kayaking dude Chris Korbulic here in Chile, the same day that he arrived, we fire up some of the most awesome water falls here in the pucón area, the incredible Tres Saltos and the beautifull Coilaco drop.
I can say that the water level here in town is good, but just for some rivers, one of my favorite river dont have water (the Desahue) but the rest of the rivers are full of water.

I also want to say be carefull whit the Carhuello river beacuse we run the water falls section and is full of tree.

In the last four days we was scouting and looking for some new stuff on the Rio Blanco and in the Raigolil area, thats mountains are full of beautifull stuff like hot springs, vallies and people, pure chilean people, Thanks to Señora Ines from Termas del Rio Blanco for lets us stay in the Termas and camping there.

Look like another good season coming here in Pucon...

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juanjo ortiz said...

Buena Rorro veo que lo estas pasando chancho con korbulic,no sabeis la envidia que me dais.Espero que nos podamos ver pronto para correr la mierda juntos!Un fuerte abrazo compadre y saludos a Ema.