Sunday, April 26, 2009

Congratulation Tyler Bradt, New World Record.

Wooooooow, the new world record is here and is now, the incredible Tyler Bradt in help colaboration whit the rest of the YGP boys run the Palouse fall, and this is the new Level of runnig incredible big water fall, the Palouse falls have 52 Mts. (186 Feet) and was runnig the 21 of April in Washington USA...

Incredible congratulation to Tyler Bradt for run this incredible big Shit and go for the next level on the Kayak Sport. We Paddle the Middle Palguin together whit his Water and Oil Project trip.

Dem Tyler, now we have to go more big and looking for more big water falls the next creek season here in Chile.jejeje...

Well, kayakers remember that November coming very soon and we go Open again...We cant wait for continue run some new stuff...
Peace and love.

Rodrigo and Ema.
Kayakpucon Outdoor Center

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