Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Demshitz. Chile and Argentina Teaser...And my dude LJ.

What a awesome trip whit the Deamshitz boys this year here in Chile.

We really paddle the Shit this year and this new incredible Kayaking video coming whit all the good and big stuff from all Chile and Argentina...

So, remember to looking for the new Demshitz video very soon, if you want to looking for good kayaking action film wait for DEMSHIT coming soon. For the moment enjoy the Teaser http://www.vimeo.com/2791700
The boys are in the south now on the wait to the Rio Backer for continue run the shit...Good luck boys...
Hooo yea, remember to visit http://playak.com/news.php?idd=224661780226 and enjoy the awesome day from one of best kayaking dude Lj Groth running a big one AGAIN...see you on the bottom B&%$$·"...
Peace and see you in big ones.
Kayakpucon - Chile.

1 comment:

littlejohn said...

yo buddy! thanks for the link, haha. que bueno que estas pasando una otra temporada buena con todos los amigos.

ahora estoy en china con los locos de world class. volvemos a gringolandia en marzo.

ciao compdre!