Saturday, November 08, 2008

Another 1.D in my home town.

After looking this water fall for a long time and looking also for
the perfect water level, here is, one of the most biggers water fall that
my home town Pucon have.
The Panqui River is a very easy class IV river, but whit a very big portage at the middle of the run.
Last year I was looking whit my dude C. Korbulic and we dont find the perfect water level.
This year The Garcias Brother are here and we start to paddle like 1 week ago, so we come back to the Panqui and all was perfect, I was so happy when Ian say: I love this water fall, lets runner.

After the incredible help of Jared Seiler making safe from the bottom Ian and I fire Up the new big Water fall...
here is the awesome photos , Enjoy....

Well, we go to continue looking for more biggers stuff...


juanjo ortiz said...

Que pasa compadre!
Que lindo saltito,no sabes la envidia que me dais,yo por espaƱa pegado con la pega y a punto de ser padre.un fuerte abrazo para Ema y para ti y saluda a los chicos de mi parte.

littlejohn said...

hola mon! wena cascadita...cuando empezaras a bajar algunas grandes como yo? jaja. extrano mucho la vida de pucon, pero estoy aqui en panama surfeando cada dia y no es tan malo. el ano proximo, john travuelta regresara!

abrazos a ema y toda la familia!