Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Patagonia sin represas Trip Report

The trip to the south cant be most better, the Patagonia of Chile and Argentina is incredible.
We drive for 3.800 Km. in 16 days to arrive in the magic Backer River, the Backer river is one of the most bigger rivers in Chile and run whit 55.000 CFS.
In the way to the Backer we visit the Gol-Gol river in Chile, the Escondido river in Argentina and the incredible Futaleufu river.

When you do a kayaking trip that long, the crew is something very important and this time we make a perfect team : Ema my girlfriend, my best dude Lj Groth, Evan Garcia, Severin from Europe and Juanito from Peru.

At the moment that we decide to do this trip, I was very interesting to know more and more about the “Patagonia sin Represa” http://www.patagoniasinrepresas.cl/ . This is a very big problem here in Chile, just because the goberment of Chile is ready to make a dame in the Backer and the Pascua River.

The big problem about this incredible Backer river is that the next 2009 are going to be built 5 different Dam that are going to be built on the rapid section.
Patagonia Sin Represas is fighting whit the big electricity company Endesa and they want to built the electric deam in the big Backer and Pascua rivers and people is complitly opositive at this deam project...

After have the oportunity to run this incredible river I feel totaly sad just becuse all this beautiful place go to disappear and the future generation dont go to have the oportunity to run this aweseome rivers....

If you want to look more and more abouth this magic trip to the south remember to follow the good blogs from Evan Garcia http://egcreekin.blogspot.com/ and Lj Groth http://watergrande.blogspot.com/ there are awesome picture that you want to see.

Well that's it all about this incredible trip to the magic Patagonia, amazing thanks to all my sponsers www.jacksonkayak.com http://www.shredready.com/ http://www.immersionresearch.com/ www.kavu.com http://www.kober-moll.com/ for make this trip very confortable whit their kayaking gear...

All the best from Chile
Emanuela, Rodrigo and Lj .
Team KayakPucon.

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Basso said...

Looks like you had a good summer. Mark and I just returned from a sweet trip in Africa. Plan to be back in Europe this summer... maybe we'll see you in Italy.All the best to you and Ema.