Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Awesome Run The Shit

A incredible Kayakers team from South Africa Run The Shit with us, all the classic rivers in the Pucón area, 8 different rivers in 7 days, Parking hard in Ojos and Tres Saltos, Very good kayakers and friends.

Summers time is now in Pucón, beautiful days, good barbecues, beers and of course Kayaking all day…

Kayakpucon want to say really Thanks to the South African Team, Phillip, Kippers and Adrian for enjoy awesome rivers with us and trust and believe in this incredible project, Run The Shit…

Thanks also to: Jackson Kayak, IR, Sweet and Kober Paddle for help and support Kayakpucon Outdoor Center and Rodrigo Tuschner our principal rider.

Have fun and remember to go out and paddle…


1 comment:

littlejohn said...

parece que la onda esta muy buena en pucon! suerte con todos.

tu campadre en mexico,